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My names Collby and as you can tell I have a huge passion to capture and tell stories. A photograph for me is more like a video. A specific moment in time stood still as a memory, an action and a story. People and Animals are my forte.

I'm like your average person, I love food, travel and animals. I have always had a soft spot for photographing Animals & People and I feel most people share this passion. Helping people capture their loved ones from weddings to pet photography I get so much enjoyment from sharing their stories.

Originally from Chester, I now live in Liverpool and have for the last 11 years. I would say I am a confident, warm and easy going down to earth guy. It is important for me to capture the best possible moments of People and Pets and I always like to go the extra mile for my clients. 

If my family could describe me in 3 words, I'd say, Outgoing, Confident and Caring. I love meeting new people which is why Photography is perfect for me! Some of my clients are now my really good friends and I'd love to make more!

Much Love - Collby x

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